Tuesday, January 26, 2016


On Friday we celebrated Elle's actual birthday.  The legitimate day that she turned 5 whole years old! Kenny was out of town at market which is why we had her birthday party a week early. So I asked Mrs. Ann to come in town to help out and to be a good distraction.  That in itself turned out to be a big blessing because Elle and Walker ( especially Walker) have been sick all week and I needed some  extra hands.  More on that in the next post! I wanted to make sure Ellle felt special on her birthday so I planned a couple of small low key surprises for her!

Lucky for me the weather had a surprise of its own!  It snowed all morning! And although it did not stick it was still exciting! For breakfast I surprised Elle with donuts for breakfast, some pretty pink roses and a My Little Pony balloon!  She was excited!
Waiting on the birthday girl!
Early morning pick with Mommy before school.  Please notice it is still dark outside.
Since the snow was not sticking it was hard to get a picture of how big the flakes were and how hard it was coming down. This was my best attempt.

Elle was looking forward to taking cupcakes for her class a whole lot. Almost as much as her actual birthday party.  Then when they started closing schools around us I got a little worried she would not get to and I knew how sad she would be.  Thankfully the academy kept their heads on straight and didn't close school and she got to share cupcakes with her class and the class next door that they spend a lot of time with.
Elle's teacher sent me this picture of Elle and some of her classmates enjoying the treats!

While Elle was at school we had a special delivery from a local florist.  Balloons and 5 gorgeous pink roses for 5 wonderful years.
Pretty flowers.
Walker was obsessed with the balloons and kept pointing to them and saying "ooooon." 

Coincidentally we had a big time hair cut scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Elle had finally agreed to cut a few inches off her hair.  I was so excited.  Elle was bald for so long as a baby that we have just let her hair grow and grow.  She has had some trims along the way but no real length cut.  Her 5th birthday was the day! She ended up getting 5-6 inches cut at least.  We actually could of cut a little more but maybe next time.  Christi does my hair and Kenny's hair and now Walker's too.  She was so nice to curl it for Elle after she finished cutting it making it extra special for her!
This was the night before.  I brush her hair before bed every night.  And I was
 admiring how long and pretty it was.
Making some big cuts.  Please notice Elle's hand up in this picture.  She did not 
want me taking pictures so I was having to sneak them.

All the cutting is done and now it is time for some curls.
The finished product.  She looked so cute!
She looked so much older to me.

When we got home we let Elle open her presents. She got a little school set for her bitty baby twins from American Girl.

For dinner I made tacos, a favorite of Elle's and then since we had had a lot of cake in the past week we made ice cream sundaes for dessert.  It was a great end to a wonderful day celebrating our sweet girl.
Making sundaes together.

Elle- On your fifth birthday I hope you know that we love you so incredibly much. You make us laugh and smile and watching you learn and grow has been our lives greatest work and joy.  You are an amazing girl with a sensitive heart and an imagination that will take you so many places. While I wish time would slow down I can't wait to see all the ways you will change in this coming year.  I love you Elle! To the moon and back!

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mackyton said...

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