Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I do this every January. I am so worn out from the holidays and things are pretty uneventful so not a whole lot going on that is blogworthy.  But before I do a monster post on Elle's birthday party I thought I would do a short this and that post with a few pictures.

One significant moment we had was Elle emptied her piggy bank for the first time in her short little life.  One day I handed her an American Girl catalog which she has flipped through before and never cared anything about.  But on this particular day she was totally into it and wanted all the things.  We had to have a very very long talk about money and what things cost and earning money.  She made the decision she wanted to empty her piggy bank and see how much money she had so that she could see what she could afford from the catalog.  She ended up having $101! I was shocked.  Winning bingo and Daddy sneaking some larger bills help I guess.  She was able to buy some new accessories for the American Girl dolls she already has and has already started forming her list for Santa next year with some more expensive items.  Lordy!
Perusing the catalog and weighing the decision.
Counting money with Mommy.  She doesn't know how to count money exactly so I showed her how to make stacks of dollars with the different coins and that kept her busy.

One morning Elle was out of school so I took Elle and Walker to the gym with me and then we stopped by the library to check out some books.  Elle had been asking to go back to the library and I had been avoiding it because I had racked up some late fees! So I finally went and paid my fines and she was thrilled to take home 15 new books!  While we were there one of the preschools was being read to by the children's librarian so we stayed and listened.
Elle listening to the silly story.

Kenny had to travel an entire week with his partners and we missed him like crazy.  When we finally returned home the kids were in the bath but Walker was dying for Kenny to pick him up so he pulled him out for a big wet hug and Elle had to get in on the action too!
Slippery hugs for Daddy who was finally home!

Kenny and his partners rented a big van for their travel needs the week he was gone.  We had to return it to the rental company on Saturday and Elle always thinks getting to ride in these things is the best thing ever!
Hanging out in the van!

Elle is constantly wearing my clothes, shoes and jewelry.  This is one of her get ups.
I took this picture because I had dressed Elle for school after she had eaten breakfast and she was working on something for her class and I was struck by how pretty she looked and how her sitting at 
the counter like that as she does every day was a memory I would want to keep.  So I took this picture.

Walker got a haircut the other day and is looking like such a big boy.  I love this picture of him on his tip toes digging through Kenny's bag.

Look at this baby all cleaned up after a bath. I love a clean baby so much.
Playing with Gramma after bath.  She and Pop Pop were in town 
for Elle's birthday party the next day.  

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