Wednesday, January 20, 2016


We had Elle's 5th birthday party a week early because Kenny will be at market for her actual birthday.  The party was at Holli's Sweet Tooth, a candy shop that recently opened in Starkville.   It is a super cute little shop with a big bright room perfect for entertaining 25 little girls!

I came up with two different crafts for the guests and then had one of those really fun face painters come and each girl was invited to have her face painted however she wanted!  Elle had her heart set on a rainbow butterfly all week.  She was thrilled with her face paint!
Family picture together before guests arrived and faces were painted.
One of the tables where the girls could make bead bracelets.

They could decorate these foam flowers with all the glittery stickers
Goody bags with three different candies Elle chose.
My sweet birthday girl waiting to get her face painted.
She has her serious face on during the process. All smiles afterward though!

Miriam and Elle with their butterfly paints.  Butterflies were popular.
Cate and Elle in their Elsa paint- another popular choice.
Ruby, Miriam, Elle and Audrey
Walker did amazing despite the party being right around his bedtime.  He hung out with family members and even got a couple paw prints painted on his leg.  He was not having his face painted.  
Violet and Elle showing off their crafts that they made for each other!
Nannee and Elle
Time for ice cream and cupcakes along with the go to kids party food suggest and cheetos.  Elle asked for the second year in row not to be sung to.  So we did not sing Happy Birthday to her.  What the birthday girl wants the birthday girl gets!
Me and Margaret handing out birthday cupcakes.
Elle wanted me to get my face painted.  So I got a heart with her name in it!
Elle and me with our face paint after we got home from the party!

The party was so much fun and a total success.  Elle was thrilled with how it turned out and her friends seemed to enjoy themselves so that made me a happy girl! We came home after the party and Kenny picked up to go food from City Bagel for supper.  I got Walker to bed and then we let Elle open her presents!  She received lots of sweet things from her friends. She is a lucky girl!
Pop Pop helping Elle open their gift to her. They gave her the Doc Mcstuffins Vet Clinic because she is Doc McStuffins obsessed.  Walker and her have both had the best time play with it.

A little before Christmas my mom found this beautiful doll house at an antique store in Memphis and wanted me to get it.  We passed initially but ended up going back and getting it for her birthday. My mom and sister and me and Kenny all went in together and also bought a lot of the sweet furniture to go in it.  It is totally dreamy and I had the best time picking out the furniture and other little things for it. I was worried that Elle would not care anything about it but she has played with it non stop! We plan to have a special spot for it when we re do her room but for now have put a big low table in her room for it to have a spot.  But right now it it still on our dining room table with a stool pulled up to it so she can have constant access to the house!
The front. You can't see the sweet little mailbox I put right next to t
he front door because of the porch post.  It is adorable!

The inside all furnished and with the doll family!

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