Wednesday, January 27, 2016


So have I mentioned that Kenny has been gone to market! For 8 sleeps! That is a long time when you are the only parent.  Like I mentioned yesterday I called for back up in Mrs. Ann for the weekend days and that was arranged way before I knew that the kids were going to be sick the entire week! Oh my goodness! Kenny left on Monday morning. Walker doesn't go to PDO on that morning but Elle was also out of school because of MLK.  So we were able to see him off.  On Tuesday morning Elle was complaining of an ear ache and Walker was running a fever.  So I kept Elle home from school and we loaded up and went to the doctors office.  Elle did have an ear infection and doctor just told me that Walker had the crud.   I was even feeling under the weather. We literally get sick every time Kenny goes to market.  Last year we had the flu.  I call it the market curse!
The sickies!  Look at poor Walker! Chapped cheeks, chapped nose! 
Elle may of gone to the doctor in her night gown and cowboy boots.  No shame! When we stopped at our pharmacy she asked for dipping dots.  It was only 10 am but we had been up since six so that is practically lunch right? Plus anything goes when they are sick!
Walker trying to sleep it off!
Making the best of our day.

Elle made a quick recovery and returned to school for the rest of the week.  Walker, however just could not kick it.  His fever returned day after day and the crankiness was through the roof.  He did not want to put down but he didn't want to be held.  He wasn't eating.  It was really rough.  The days were long! Sunday morning I decided to take him back to the doctor (a different one) and they actually ran some tests and he had strep! I wish we would of know this at the beginning of the week. Whenever Kenny is at market I send him lots of pictures of the kids so he can see them and get an idea of how our days are looking.  I thought I would share some of those pictures!
I sent this picture to Kenny because Walker constantly asks to be picked up by putting his hands up like this.  I knew it would make Kenny miss him!
Elle thinks if Daddy is gone then our bed is her bed.  I tuck her in upstairs 
and she comes down half a hour later. 
Getting sick baby cuddles.
Elle was wearing this little sweater tunic and with her new haircut she looked 10! 
Gramma and Elle posing for a pic.
This was Walker all week.  Hated the world.  Cranky cranky cranky!
Mommy and Elle playing games while Walker naps.
Walker getting a morning bottle from Gramma.
Before school snuggles on Monday morning.

Thankfully I am writing this on Tuesday and Walker is finally much much better.  We even left the house this morning! 
Walker was actually entertaining himself for the first time in a week by tearing apart my bedside drawer.  So I just let him because he wasn't crying.  

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