Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It is starting to feel like Spring outside and that makes me an excited girl.  We really did not have a winter at all. I am sure I will be wishing we would of had cooler days in a few months but for now I am excited to be outside a little more and for the kids to not have to bundle up. Nothing big has happening with our family, just the normal business of life. But the normal business of life is pretty crazy.  After three weeks in the boot I went back to the doctor and my foot had not healed at all.  So my doctor and I discussed the best way to get well fast and decided casting the foot was the best bet.  So I have been in a cast for two weeks and have one more week to go. There are so many miserable things about it but the worst part being that I can only wear leggings which limits my wardrobe completely due to the amount of long tops I have that cover my behind.  I want to wear jeans so bad it hurts!

I also traveled home for a weekend to be with my mom after she had a surgery.  Kenny kept the kids all weekend which he is fully capable of doing because he is their Daddy.  This was the first time he has had to get them ready and out the door for school and PDO though.  He did great!  He was very tired when I got home though.

Okay from here I guess I will do a quick photo dump!  I had so many pictures for my photo dump that I had to divide my early March photo dump post into two posts.  Oh well!

So here is my silly looking cast! I chose marroon because it was the most understated color.  Everything else was hot pink or hot orange.  I wanted white but they said it would get too dirty.  Everyone who has seen this cast says they have never seen one like that before.
It has been warm enough for Elle to not have to wear leggings or tights with her uniforms so that means the bloomers are back in rotation because I will make her wear bloomers until they don't make her size anymore.  And I still can't get enough of how cute they are on her!
A picture of Kenny and the kids snuggling on the couch while I was out of town 
with my mom. I was missing them.
Friday morning we FaceTimed to be sure that Kenny's hair techniques were up to snuff.  He did a great job.  Although I do believe Elle said at some point the teachers had to redo her hair at school.  But from what I could tell it looked great.  I wonder if he just didn't wrap the ponytail holder enough?
We went out one night to celebrate my friend Kelly and throw her a little sprinkle for her third baby which she has now had and was a little girl named Kate!

One Saturday morning I took Elle to get a princess manicure and pedicure so she could use one of her gift cards she got from friends at her birthday party.  It was fun and we enjoyed our girl time! After the mani pedi we went to a MSU baseball game as a family so we were sporting our maroon!
Look at pose! She just strikes that on her own!
Keeping her fingers still while she gets her toes worked on.
She picked a shimmery purple for her fingernails and a bright pink for her toes.
One morning I put Walker in the shower with me so I could bathe him and me at the same time.  He liked it okay but I think he will like it better ones he starts walking.  Our shower floor was hurting his knees I think.
Cuddling with Daddy before bed.

Tune in tomorrow for Hey There March Part Two!!

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