Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This past weekend was Elle's dance recital.  This was her second one of her short dancing career.  The recitals are Elle's favorite part about taking ballet right now and I have to agree.  They really are a lot of fun.  She loves to be on stage.  She loves the hair and the make up prep.  She loves being backstage and coloring.  She loves all of it! Last year they had so many tickets sold that they had two performances but this year they limited the amounted of tickets each person could have so there was only one performance and that made it all a lot better!

Friday night they had dress rehearsal.  Kenny's parents got into town that afternoon and graciously agreed to keep Walker so that Kenny and I could take Elle to her dress rehearsal.  The dance teachers had let us know ahead of time that we would be able to film their dance during the dress rehearsal so I wanted Kenny there for back up camera and of course for the extra chance to see her dance! I am so glad that we were able to take her just the two of us.  The actual day of recital can be a little crazy with family in town and lots more people at the performance.   So it was nice to be able to relax, watch her and her class dance and then to visit with friends and each other.  
Make up and hair done and ready for rehearsal!
Once we were there we got her into her costume and took a few pictures with our proud sweet girl!
Daddy and Elle! Please look out those doors! It stormed all weekend.  
We got inside this night just in time.  It was seriously pouring!
Mommy and Elle!
She wanted to take some pictures of the stairs.  I obliged!
Elle and Abigail! Sweet friends.  They started the dance year 
with two other close friends but these two finished the year out!
Backstage with some of her class!
Group pic! The recital theme was Noah's Ark and Elle's class were the Lions and Tigers.
Close up of my sweet girl!
Listening to their teacher Mrs. Cynthia!
After Elle was dismissed she asked to stay and watch the next class 
that has a lot of her close friends in it.  They were the doves and so sweet. 

Elle got done pretty quickly with her rehearsal so when we got done and it was still early we decided to take her to get some ice cream to celebrate her dance year end.  We enjoy getting one on one time with her!

Kenny was carrying her out to the car because it was 
raining and I could not get over how cute they were together!
Ice cream selfie with Mommy!

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