Monday, October 24, 2016


Elle has had a ton of birthday parties lately.  A ton! I think in one week we had 3-4! It wears me out but Elle has had a ball! They had a Monday morning off for Fall Break after the Auburn game so I made sure she rested up so she could go with a small group of girls to Jackson to celebrate her friend and classmate's, Collier's birthday.  Collier's parents and grandparents took two van full of girls- one van of Elle's friends and then an older group celebrating Collier's older sister's birthay to Jackson.  They took them to lunch and then to a place called High Heaven.  It is a trampoline and ropes course place and they had an absolute ball.  They were gone all day and Elle came home very tired!

Drop off that morning. Excited to go!

They stopped for a pizza lunch before going to High Heaven.
Doing the ropes course section.
Big girls and little girls.
Hopping on the trampoline.

Elle attended a little girl in her grade Princess Party at the Country Club after school one day.  They all came in their princess dresses and had their make up done and had cake before going outside to play on the playground and play some games.
Getting her make up done.
Elle with two of the sweet girls in her class. Mary Kenway and Neely.
Group pic! So many cute girls in their grade.
Playing duck duck goose.  Elle was in the stink pot.

Only pic I got from a birthday party we went to at the gymnastics place for Hallie.
I picked up Mary Kenyway up from school along with Elle to take them to their friend Jane's birthday party.  Cate's mom rolled up to give me something so Cate hopped in with us too.

Group pic at Jane's party.
Enjoying some Panda cake.  The birthday girl loves Pandas.

Friday afternoon we had a good friend Annie's Spa birthday party.  It was at her house and they could get their hair chalked in different colors, their make up done and their nails done. Then of course they did lots playing.  They also had a photo booth.  Sarah took Elle to the party and I took Walker and showed up a little later.  That did not stop Walker from wanting to eat all the things.
Trying to get a photo booth shot of a few of the girls.
Zoom in on this phase.
Perfectly content to eat cake by himself while Annie opened presents.

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