Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It was our last day in Napa and it was the best.  We went to two of my favorite wineries of the trip that day and it was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We started out driving over to another part of Napa and way up a mountain. Our first tasting was at Pride Winery. It was a beautiful drive combined with a little bit of carsickness. As we drove up to the winery there were two coyotes standing by a small pond.  The view since it was on top of a mountain was gorgeous! Before we went in to start our tasting we took some pictures of course!
Had to get a picture in front of this view.

When we got into the winery room there was another group there for their tasting who were from Canada and turned out to be lots of fun.  But their driver looked just like Santa! So Kenny and I got a picture!
Santa in Napa Valley
Tasting the wine at Pride.
Watching them turn the vats.

Jay and Kenny tasting the juice out of the vats.
The girls.
Pride had an awesome cave and we drank wine all through the cave.
When we came out of the cave they had a chef working in the brick oven and he pulled out the most delicious pizza.  Everyone got a piece and it was so incredibly good with the wine.
Group pic out on the patio with the pizza oven.
Kenny enjoying the wine and pizza.
Wish I had that pizza now!

After the Pride winery we headed to Reverie. Reverie is actually the owner of Aonair's father's winery. I know that I say this about every winery but it really is because Napa is just so pretty.  This winery is gorgeous and different because they had this cluster of redwood trees and the sun coming through the trees was so beautiful.  We were able to picnic in their gazebo so we got to spend a little extra time there which was great!
Kenny relaxed and waiting on the next glass of wine.

Group pic in front of the redwood trees.
The boys being silly.
The trees.  Can't get over it.

You sat at the beautiful picnic table to taste a couple 
of their wines and the leaves were changing and falling.
Had to get a picture with Pat.  We love Pat so much!

After the tasting at Reverie we went to Buckhorn which is much more of a commercialized tasting.  More of a flight at a restaurant type of thing.  It was still fun.  After Duckhorn we headed home to enjoy our final sunset, pack and then we grilled out steaks and potatoes.  Grant the owner of Aonair and the property were were staying on came and gave us two amazing bottles of wine along with the other yummy bottles we opened. We invited Pat and were so happy he could come.  It was a fun night and we we enjoyed getting to relax with Pat where he could let  loose a little.  Although we did put him to work for a little bit planning our next trip.
Planning next years trip.
Kenny was presenting the wine while he served us. He gained so much knowledge  over the week.  
He let us know this one tasted like a leather sofa.  So funny.

Enjoying the fire pit one last night.  Yes I am asleep in the background.

The next morning we woke up so early.  5:00 AM! Pat took us to the airport and we had a full day of travel.  We finally got home around 8:30 at night and were so happy to be home!

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