Thursday, October 13, 2016


Last week we planned to let Elle skip school so we could spend some time together as family but the day before she came home so excited because she was going to be the line leader the following day and they had computer which she loves.  So we decided to send her and just check her out right before nap time.  I took Walker for a hair cut that morning and then we surprised Elle.  We did not tell her we were going to check her out. When she got int the car we told her we were going to the Pumpkin Patch.  She was pumped.  Last year when we tried to go to the pumpkin patch Walker started throwing up on the way and we ended up in the ER.  Elle and I went back on a field trip but we never made it back together as family.  We could only hope this year went way better!

We wanted to go on a weekday afternoon so we could avoid the crowd a little bit.  We definitely avoided the crowd.  There was one group from a nursing home with about fever who left shortly after we arrived and then we literally were the only ones there.  The only ones which we loved! We knew Walker would love this fun place and Elle was excited to show him all her favorite things.  The first thing we went to was to dig for "buried treasure." Which is just a big pile of sand with gold and silver spray painted rocks.  Elle loves to dig in there but Walker hated it.  But the big tunnel slides, corn pit and everything else were a huge hit with everyone and we had a ton of fun.  Of course it was pretty hot.  I have never been to the pumpkin patch when it wasn't burning up.  After we did all the fun thing we picked out lots of pumpkins to decorate the front porch and the house with.  It was a great and beautiful afternoon together!

Now lots of pictures!
Daddy and Walker taking a break in the shade.
Elle took this picture of the two of us.
Love my sweet girl.
We raced down the slide a few times.  Elle always won.
Hanging out at the concession stand.
No trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without this picture!
Getting Walker into position!
Baby boy's first trip and he is already so big!
The two of them together
Playing in the corn pit! Walker hated the sand but loved this.
Doing corn angels.

Elle climbed into the huge thing of cotton.
Walker was too little but was following along on the outside.

Elle loves these horse swings.

They liked these swings too!

Family pic with the pumpkins we were taking home!

"Mama! Truck!"
Headed home!

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