Friday, October 7, 2016


So we went to bed early after the Ryder Cup day and woke up super early to catch our straight flight into San Francisco.  While we sleepily were sitting in the airport terminal Margaret said, "look at Michael Phelps." And she was right. There he was walking to his gate with his wife and baby.  We watched him walk by and so Margaret decided she wanted to go meet him.  She had her phone ready!  When we approached him, his wife got a little tiffy but he said it was okay and we talked to him for a a second about Ryder Cup and then we snapped a selfie with him.  It all happened so fast! And we look tired and puffy from all the travel and long day before! But we got to meet Michael Phelps! We were so excited!
We got in San Fransisco around 10:30 and our beloved Pat was at the airport to pick us up and then we went and picked up Robby and Foley where they were staying at the Ritz.  Once the gang was all together again we headed for Napa, making a few stops for cigars, groceries and a few other provisions.  Then it was on our way to our house.  We joined a winery last year after visiting called Aonair and one of the perks of being a member is getting the chance to rent their property.  The house is actually right next to the owner's house.  So we met their children, his wife and even his dog.  The house was beautiful and we loved it so much!
The girls getting ready to go to downtown Napa.

Since we practically had an extra day we headed downtown to see where we would end up.  We had lunch at the Bounty Hunter- which is barbecue.  Then we walked around and went into a tasting room  that I am not even sure the name of.  We liked the music he was playing and so we decided to go in.  It was fun.  After the tasting room we walked across the street to the Oxbow market to just check it out.  It was a neat little place and they had a spirits place that did a tasting and we all had a lot of fun doing that.  Once we were done with that it was around 6 and we had dinner reservations at a restaurant called MoriMoto.  But we were hungry and made our way there to see if they would go ahead and seat us.  They were able to and we had a delicious and very different Japanese meal.
Walking over to Oxbow.
The guy doing our spirit tasting.

Walking to dinner and being silly.

The next morning we had a slower morning and enjoyed bloody mary's and then Pat came to pick us up for our first tasting at Bell Winery's.  It was a beautiful morning!
Margaret, Jay and Foley in the vineyards.

Group pic.

After Bell, Pat let us know that we had a spot open in our day that might be good for a walk in.  We decided to go back to Silver Oak.  We went last year but Robby was not with us and they have a sentimental attachment to Silver Oak because they collect it for their daughter.  So he wanted to go so it was a good stop for us to make.  It was fun to revisit.  It is a fun walk in.
Checking out the private wine cellar.

The iconic tower that is on the bottle.

After Silver Oak we went and had lunch at a little market and I can't remember the name.  It was cute and fun and they had picnic tables so you could sit outside.
Foley wanted cupcakes.
After lunch we went to Aonair and their new property.  It was beautiful and the wine was superb and it was such a relaxed tasting because we are already members and get all the wines so we just chatted with our guy and enjoyed the wine and the view!

After the last winery we went to Bistro Jeanty for dinner. It was a french restaurant and it was so good.  We sat out on the patio and everyone who worked there loved our southern accents.  It was a very lively conversation and we started talking about good TV shows and I was trying to convince Robby to watch Breaking Bad.  I was explaining to him how it was the best show I have ever watched and then I cried.  So this was a big joke the rest of the week.
Crying real tears over art.  And red wine.

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