Monday, October 10, 2016


Our third day in Napa was a Friday and we continued our tradition from last year and doing Maroon Friday all the way out in California. Our first tasting was at a small family vineyard called Robinson. We met with one of the daughters and toured their small cave then moved upstairs where they were moving the grapes through harvest.  We met her sweet Daddy who was so nice and hardworking and we just fell in love with him!
Standing in front of their old timey Robinson Family Truck.
Maroon Friday last year and this year!

Our next stop was Jarvis where their entire winery is in this huge cave! It was really neat. We joked when we were coming through the doors that it was like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  We were singing the song and everything.  It was funny!
All together before we went into the cave.
After you do the cave tour they take you to the tasting room and you sit down 
and taste all the wines and they were so incredibly good! Yum!
Getting ready to taste some wines.

Eating our favorite sandwich from Yountville Deli on the run on our way to the next appointment.
We ran by a tasting room that is owned by one of Robby's friend.  

At the last minute we called Taylor Family Wines and stopped in for a tasting there.  It wasn't on our original schedule but we are so happy that we ended up going.  We love how charming Nana the matriarch Nana is and her granddaughter Danielle are.  They are just the sweetest family and we enjoyed hearing what they were working on.  Plus they have cheese and a beautiful view at their tasting!

Last year and this year with Nana and Danielle.

After our last tasting we headed back to the house to sit up on the hill, drink wine and watch the sunset!  Then we hired two chefs to come to the house and make a big pizza dinner so they could utilize our pizza oven on the porch.  They prepared appetizers, salads, pizzas and a dessert! It was also good and we were stuffed!

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