Thursday, October 21, 2010


How far along?
21 weeks and 4 days. The baby is officially 1lb and is the size of a spaghetti squash. That is crazy. I do not feel like I have a spaghetti squash in my belly.

My back however feels like maybe I am carrying around a Cinderella sized pumpkin. Every day this week my back pain has been getting worse. It starts to hurt in the afternoons but already this morning it is killing me! So I am taking all of my What To Expect book's tips to heart. Brought in a heating pad to work. Not crossing my legs and have my feet on a box. I look like such a nerd.

Total weight gain/loss? Here we go with weight! It is just steadily coming. This week I am up to 8-9 lbs gained total. This is in the completely normal range and really in the lower part of the norm. But still :(

Maternity clothes? Still loving them!!

Stretch marks? Was checking for them this morning and still haven't found any.

Sleep? Sleeping hard with crazy crazy crazy dreams.

Best moment last week? All of last week was pretty good!

Movement? Lots and lots of movement. She even kicked for Kenny when he came home on Monday!

Food cravings? Orange flavored drinks still. And other than that....all food is just great. Haven't really had any strong cravings. I have learned to not go grocery shopping hungry though. I end up spending way to much because everything sounds good.

Gender? It's a girl! But one of my constant worries is that the ultrasound tech was wrong and it is really a boy. I have even gone back to watch my DVD from the ultrasound to reassure myself. Is this normal?? Probably not!

Labor signs? No. I wouldn't know if I was. Ha!

Belly button in/out? In. But like I said...shallow??

What I miss: Okay, okay, I will finally change this one so it doesn't say alcohol. But can we just make that one a given. What I am missing this week is being able to have my back popped and stretching. Kenny does this thing where I cross my arms and he picks me up and kind of shakes and it pops all the bones in my back. It feels soooo good. And with all this back pain I just want my back popped!! But we have both decided that this method of back popping is not a good idea. And stretching is hard because I lean backwards and it pulls on my upper belly and it is so uncomfortable and kind of hurts!

What I am looking forward to: My fabric gets delivered today so the seamstress can get started on making my pillows! And my mom went to this huge baby gear/children's clothing sale last night and got a ton of stuff for me! I can't wait to see all the cute outfits that she got with little Elle in mind. My friend has given me some cute little girl clothes also. I am finally going to putting some things in Elle's closet because it is empty right now. Sad.

And I have a doctors appointment and we will get to hear the heartbeat again!

Non-baby related notes:
-Can't wait to see my Bulldogs play this weekend and spend another fun weekend in Starkville!!!
-We have been watching the new show Boardwalk Empire on HBO and really liking it. I have to say I am enjoying it far more than I have been enjoying True Blood lately.
- Can't wait for Glee next week!
- Kenny's birthday is in a few days and I am looking forward to celebrating with him!

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Mrs. Lopez said...

I'm only 8 weeks pregnant and i have been having a lot of crazy dreams lately too!