Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WEEK 18 & 19

So I totally realize that this little blog might have gotten a little boring since I am not updating all to often and when I do it is all about baby. I'm sorry. One of the problem's is that our camera is broken so the weekends where we go to Starkville for games or doing fun things I do not have any pics.

This past weekend my mom came in town (Kenny was out of town on a guys camping white water rafting trip) and we got a ton of work done on my house. Kenny and I had been planning on completely redoing our den in early summer but the furniture got delayed and now we are stuck trying to redo the den AND decorate the nursery all the same time. So I have had a lot going on. We got the den and a bathroom repainted (thanks to my mom) and this weekend we are painting the nursery and moving all the guest bedroom and den furniture that we are not getting rid into storage. So we have another working weekend ahead! But I am excited because after this weekend we can get the main components of the nursery set up.

I am one of those people that once I decide how I want things (i.e. the nursery) I am ready to go! I want it done now! This would definitely be possible if money grew on trees. Ha!

So here is the preggers update for the last couple weeks!

Weeks 18 & 19
How far along? Today I am 19 weeks and 3 days. The baby is a size of a mango. But the doctor did tell me that she was about to hit a growth spurt so she and I would be putting on some weight soon so get ready.

Total weight gain/loss?
I have gained about 5 lbs. total. Feeling pretty good about this.

Maternity clothes? Still loving me some maternity clothes. My favorite purchases I made so far have been the dresses. I am a dress girl anyway so when I wear a maternity dress I still feel pretty cute and insanely comfortable.

Stretch marks? None. Hoping it stays that way.

Sleep? Still waking up and not getting back to sleep some nights. TiVo comes in handy because I will watch a show at 3:30 in the morning and hope I fall asleep in the middle of it.

Best moment last week? or I guess the past couple weeks was of course seeing our little girl and finding out she is healthy. And starting to get stuff done on the nursery.

Movement? Now I know for sure that it is her I am feeling all the time. I can even feel her kicking on the outside too. Now I just need Kenny to be there at the right time and be patient and keep his hand on my belly so he can feel it to.

Food cravings? Ugg! I am starving all the time! I was talking to my friend the other day and said "are you ever so hungry that you can't get the food in your mouth fast enough?" That is me! These past few days I have seriously eaten a pre-breakfast, breakfast, and then a post-breakfast.

And as far as cravings go the thing about my cravings recently is that most of the time I don't have the food on hand so I never get to eat the craving. This most likely helps in the weight gain department. But here is a list......CORNDOGS! I do not think this one is going away and I need to get some soon. Orange drinks still, spicy food, pop tarts and chocolate (and I normally don't care for chocolate)

Gender? Girl. Still getting used to the idea but excited I get to incorporate a little bit of pink in the nursery.

Labor signs? No. I wouldn't know if I was. Ha!

Belly button in/out? In.

What I miss: I am pretty happy right now. There aren't to many things I am missing these days.

What I am looking forward to: Nursery Nursery Nursery. I am so antsy and can't wait to make some headway on it. I am having all these custom pillows made for it because we are having a daybed in the nursery since we are losing our guest room and the fabrics I have chosen are so cute. I'm going to have to do a post on it all because I have found some fantastic resources.

Non-baby related note......

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Stephanie said...

I missed that you are having a girl! Congrats!!