Monday, October 4, 2010

IT'S A .......

That's right! I was wrong! It is not a boy. It is a precious healthy little girl.

Elting "Elle" Caroline Lacey

will be here at the very end of February. Kenny and I are thrilled.

We went in last Monday for our ultrasound. I was sooooooo nervous. The appointment was at 10:45 so I went to work a little while before hand and I was so antsy. Once we were in the ultrasound room the tech started the ultrasound and were seeing great things that meant she was healthy but she was facing my back so we were not getting any good face shots or any of the gender goods. I was surprised how much the tech was poking my belly trying to get the baby to move. So the tech sent us to see the doctor and go over the results and then we could come back for another ultrasound and hope the baby had turned.
The doctor said everything look perfect and at that point I was so happy. Of course I wanted to know what Baby Lacey was, but I was just so relieved to see the baby and know there was really a baby in there (ha!) and also know the baby was healthy. So after we visited with the doctor we went back for another ultrasound PRAYING that the baby had turned. She had!!

We got a great profile shot where I think I see some signs of her looking like her daddy already and then we started to look at the gender. I have seen other people's gender ultrasound scans so I kind knew what I was looking for. The tech was moving around in the vicinity and I said "Ummm, I am not seeing boy parts....and then it showed up clearly. GIRL! No boy parts on that baby. Kenny was just grinning ear from ear! He had wanted a little girl! And I was just in disbelief. So much that I called the baby "he" while saying bye to the tech.

We had so much fun telling our parents and other family. For Kenny's parents we had them be home Tuesday morning and had a florist drop off an arrangement with a big pink balloon and pink roses. I know they were excited when they saw the pink come out of the car. And for my sister I wrote a poem in card and then we told her in person. And for my mom I got cupcakes from Muddy's, one pink, one blue and made her guess as to what the baby was. And then of course there were all the excited phone calls and texts! It really was such a fun week!

These next two weekends we are going to be working hard on some things we are doing to the house that will include painting the nursery. That way we can go ahead and put up the crib and I can start shopping and decorating!

(I will do my combine 18-19 week questionnaire later this week)


Pinot after Playdates said...

congratulations! glad you are feeling great and blessed with a healthy peanut...such exciting times ahead for you!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on a baby girl!!

Elizabeth said...

YAY!!! Love the name, too! Congrats!

SouthernBelleJM said...

YAY!!!! I'm assuming her first name is a family name? I love it!

Crystal said...

Congrats! Love, love, love the name!