Monday, October 18, 2010


Reasons Why It's 8:00 AM and This Is Already A Great Monday Morning
1. Huge huge huge! Mississippi State's Football team is a nationally ranked team on ALL of the polls.
2. We beat Florida this weekend!
3. Kenny comes home from being out of town for a week today.
4. My best friend who just moved to Seattle is coming to visit and stay with me this week and we have a girls dinner planned tomorrow night!
5. The garage sale was a lot of work but successful.
6. I am making this amazing chicken spaghetti recipe that I love for dinner tonight.
7. These next two weekends in Starkville are going to be so much fun!
8. My house is clean and 100% organized right now. It is so nice to come home and just relax.

So as you can tell I had a great weekend. I am still exhausted but it was a good weekend. Friday night we all just went over to Mollie's to set things up for the garage sale. We had sooooo much stuff! Then it was up at em at 5:00 am for the actual sale. We had our first customers with flashlights (crazy!) at 6:20. From then on we had a steady turnout and I made a chunk of change. Money for things you were going to get rid of is always a good thing! Plus it was a gorgeous day spent with friends.

So Saturday after cleaning up I get home at 5 completely exhausted. I had pulled my back the night before and my whole body ached. All I wanted was a shower and to snuggle down on the couch and watch my Bulldogs. So shower-check, pajamas-check, Mississippi State vs. Florida game on TV-no check!!!!

We just switched our cable to DirectTV and up until this point had pretty much loved it. Well not Saturday night! The one channel that was searching for signal, the only one was ESPNU. Every other channel worked except for that one! I was livid. The game had started and I get on the phone with the customer service people who were very nice and doing their best to be helpful. They had me unscrewing wires and resetting the box. Nothing would work! Still no signal on that one channel. And then I am tracking the game on ESPN and I see we are beating Florida!

So I cried. And I mean I cried hard. Kenny was out of town and I just wanted to relax and watch the game and I was exhausted and I am pregnant. It was just a snow ball effect. I might have totally vented to Kenny through text while he was at a sports bar with friends 500 miles away, so he was on the phone with DirectTV from where he was too. I was trying to watch the game on the Internet and that wasn't working either. And I was so tired I did not want to budge off the couch. So I finally threw in the towel. It just wasn't going to happen for me. We were beating Florida and I was going to miss it. So I started to watch The Lovely Bones. Horrible movie by the way.

So about an hour later I switch back to the channel just torture myself some more and what do my eyes see! The halftime show! The channel was working! So I just prayed that it would continue to work once the game started again. Thank goodness it did! So I got to watch my Bulldogs march into victory at The Swamp. It was an amazing moment and I am even more in love with Dan Mullen. Ha!

So yes,we SEC girls love our football and are even reduced to tears over it sometimes. But at least my little breakdown wasn't caught on national television!


Ashley said...

Hey, I just thought I would drop a line to let you know that I am your newest follower!! Feel free to swing by my blog and follow if you choose! I look forward to learning more about you!

Elizabeth said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it!! We seem to have a lot in common! I love the name of your little girl.. if ours is a girl we are going with Ellington Grace and calling her Ellie. I was wondering how you found the seamstress for the nursery bedding? I went on etsy and found a couple of people but I was wondering if you knew another way to find someone. Thanks!