Monday, October 11, 2010


As I mentioned before my mom came back into town to continue to get A LOT of stuff done on our house. She is a saint and painted my nursery on Friday while I was at work. Yes I know there are not to many moms around who would do this!

I decided how I wanted to decorate the nursery by finding other people's nurseries online and then pulling the images and putting them in a folder for inspiration. One nursery in particular that I loved and have used a lot of the same resources that she used (another blog post) had painted her nursery gray. I loved the color and decided to do the same thing. It is Benjamin Moore color called Gray Horse and I am so pleased with it.

Our camera is not working so ALL of these pictures were taken on my iPhone. So they are kind of dark. The color is lighter in person I think it will really help some of the other things that I am doing pop.

So after getting the nursery painted it was time to do some moving. We had rented a U-Haul for the day which we all had lots of fun driving. We cleared out the furniture for the guest room and took it storage along with some other things we were not going to be using in the den. Then we took the rest all of our old den furniture to a friends house because I am having a garage sale with some friends this weekend. (I know I can't believe this either) We also picked up our new sectional for our den which I love. So comfortable and gives us so much more room for a baby in there.

On Sunday after Kenny watched some football because he definitely deserved some downtime after Saturday we decided to put the crib together. Of course I took lots of pictures since this is kind of a right of passage. First off, the very important task of reading the instructions.....
Then it was time to get to work.
You always hear from our parents about how hard it was to put the crib together but I think cribs have come a long way since then. It wasn't to bad at all. And it is kind of funny and totally sappy but the baby was kicking soooo much while we put it together.

And I was very pleased with the finished product! The overhead lighting in the picture is killing me! But love the crib!So after this weekend its time to make the room sweet for a baby. We put the daybed up, and I have the rocking chair I bought and the crib put together. Plus we have an armoire from my childhood coming up in a few weeks. Looking forward to keeping all my loyal blog readers updated with the progress!!

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Courtney said...

That color is beautiful! I wanted to paint our house with it- but this house has a yellow/cream trim that clashed with the grey. Glad it looks beautiful in your nursery!
So excited for you.