Tuesday, December 6, 2011


You must go out and get Michael Buble's Christmas cd. It has been playing on repeat non-stop at my house. It might be my favorite Christmas cd to come out since Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album in 1994.

And if you have a few dollars to spare Justin Bieber's album Under the Mistletoe isn't all that bad either. I might be embarrassed to say that given my age but I happen to know a certain mother (my mom cough cough) who is loving his cd too.


J Press Designs said...

You know what bother me the most about the whole Bieber situation... That CD Cover! Is that the real art? That shadow he is casting is horrendous! It looks like his mom took it! And the fake snow and the glitter and the hand-written font... the whole thing is just awful. I'm sure the music is jamable though- Well, maybe... :)

Delta Daisies said...

I love the Michael Buble cd! I ordered it off Itunes last week. Also, the Mariah Carey cd from 1994 was a FAV of mine, too!