Monday, December 19, 2011


The Lacey family Christmas was this Saturday. We did it early but Santa came to see Elting anyway because she is always a sweet girl.

Reading the Night Before Christmas for the first time. Obviously those are our "Christmas" pajamas and we are getting as much use out of them as we possibly can. You WILL see them again.
Helping Santa by putting toys together. This was right after I seriously did the ugly cry at the opening sequence of UP. How in the world that is a children's movie is beyond me.
Santa's spread! It looks so cute. Elting's stocking is wrapped and under my mother's tree because I asked for a family set of Christmas stockings that match for Christmas. So Santa just put out all her stocking stuff with her big gifts. Our presents to Elting were under the tree.
This car was and still is a hit! She L-O-V-E-S it! We took her out for a drive on Sunday and she hangs on to the steering wheel and everything.
This ribbon was pretty fun too.
Ignore my greasy hair and my pajamas. I was also modeling one of my gifts from Kenny. A down vest. Elting also was very pleased with her music table.
Kenny is in his pajamas too but I love this picture. Lena just came and sat next to him. She is getting to be an old dog.
What a mess but she was loving it!

After Christmas morning was over, I cooked a yummy breakfast and we just spent time relaxing as a family. We haven't really been doing a whole lot because Elting has been sick with her first "yuck" and it seems to be lingering. Runny nose, cough and extreme fussiness. She is also cutting her first tooth so that could be contributing to the general lack of happiness. Whatever it is, Kenny and I are praying that she gets in better spirits before this coming up week. Mommy and Daddy are worn out!

We did get out for a little bit on Saturday afternoon to grab some Five Guys, (I'm obsessed. It's like crack) some yolo, and a red box. We watched Larry Crowne. I HATED it.

One last thing...
Saturday was baby bird's birthday. Happy Birthday Annie!!


The Fields Family said...

So cute! She is adorable. That is so sweet how she holds onto the steering wheel! hehe.
Also, had to comment to tell you that we call my youngest brother "baby bird." How funny! My other brother and I call him that because my parents coddle him :)
Merry Christmas to the Lacey's!

Delta Daisies said...

the kids i babysit have one of those cars, and they lovvvvve it! looks like y'all had a good weekend :)

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Wow she is just beautiful , and first christmas's are always that bit more special ,i love the santa PJS :-)

Heidi!! happy healthy newyears!!!