Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For a very long time I knew that I wanted to name a little girl Elle. Then that turned into Elting because I like the idea of being able to incorporate a family name and I wanted to have a different name. After a year, we are still calling her both names. You have probably noticed this in the blog and if you know me in real life. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to why I might call her Elle or Elting at that moment.

But people have asked in the past and I had a close friend ask me the other day. So what are you officially calling her? And I didn't have an answer for her. Is that normal. For us to call her both names? Will she be confused in the future?

What is even more sad is that on top of Elting and Elle, I also tend to call her other names like Ellie Bellie, Bug or Elles. The good news is she does look at us and respond when we call her name. No matter what we call her. Should we just let her get older and let her choose? Gah.....I don't know.


The Fields Family said...

My given name is Camilla Catherine, but have always gone by Cami. That is, to everyone but my mom. She calls me Cami Cate, Camacita, Cams, Cam, etc. brian calls me Camilla a lot, and a few college friends call me Camilla. As far as Preston goes, people at school call him Pres. I kind of hate "Pres" because I am scared people will think his name is Presley after Elvis or something. But then again, we call Preston all kinds of names - Moose, P-pie-er, Mr. P, etc.Don't worry - Elting and Elle are both great names :)

Ashley said...

Technically Elle can be a short form for Elting - so technically you don't have to decide because everyone has a nickname and then you get best of both names!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I think you're fine with both! I love it both ways. My maiden name is Ellis and if we ever have a girl we'll have an Ellis/Elle :)