Monday, January 30, 2012


Elting and I went to Hattiesburg for a few days to spend some time with my mom. While down there it was the perfect opportunity to hop on down to Waveland to see Megan and her brand new precious baby boy, Francis! He is three weeks old and so cute and so tiny. I cannot believe that Elting used to be that small!

I was so happy to get to visit with Meg and talk about being a mother now. She is doing such an amazing job and I know Francis and Elle will be such good friends, seeing as they will be dates to every Mississippi State football game. (wink wink)
I only held him for a little bit because he was much more content to lay swaddled in his moses basket. But I was soaking up all the newborn-ness.
Neither Elting or Francis were sure what to think of each other.
Elting and Megs having a conversation about this baby stuff.
Just had to post this picture because of those baby blues.

Besides my trip to Waveland the rest of our days were spent hanging out with my mom. We watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey and started the second. I am obsessed. More on that another day this week. On Saturday we took my grandmother to lunch and then had to run to Walmart (ugg) for her to get her "pills." Umm, so turns out her pills are Altoids? Anywho, my mom and I decided do have a little fun dressing up Elle. Sorry the picture is blurry but Elle was not loving the cowgirl look.
I like to call this picture "fun at the Walmarts"

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Abdul Akbar Banwa said...

Such cuties! You're blessed!