Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi! I just arrived home after a jam packed weekend with good friends and some sight seeing in the great city of Seattle. I have never been that far west and loved the city. Not to mention I was able to celebrate Susan and Andrew's baby that is due in February with a wonderful baby shower!

It is kind of funny because I arrived and then it started snowing. Surprisingly, Seattle does not get a whole lot of snow and by the time I left (which was just in the nick of time) they were expecting a "historic" snow storm. Seattle as a city is so different than anywhere in the south and I loved it. People walk everywhere, the style of homes is so different, food makes an effort to be healthy at ALL time and is organic most of the time. Despite it being F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G I we had a great time and Kenny and I are already planning a trip back to visit together so we can go to the Gorge and maybe do some of the surrounding vineyards and outdoor activities.
This is closer in real life but this is the view from Susan and Andrew's Queen Ann neighborhood. We never went to the space needle but I did not feel the need because I saw it flying in and you see it everywhere as you drive around the city.
All bundled up for a little shopping/sightseeing in Queen Ann. It was so cold. I was kicking myself for not bringing my brand new Hunters. I did not have appropriate shoes for this weather ha!
Pic in the snow!
We stopped in this little pub that had the absolute best food! I had a spicy chili and cilantro tuna melt on sour dough bread and I just have to mention it because it was probably the best tuna melt I have ever had. Just to let you know I pretty much ate my way through this Seattle and this weekend.

Susan's mom is a wonderful cook and we cooked dinner at home a couple of nights. We stopped at a grocery store to buy ingredients for a Red Snapper and seafood stuffing dinner(it was amazing) and the cute couple decided to pose with a honey dew since that is the size of Baby John in her tummy!
Celebrating at their baby shower that was so fun. I enjoyed getting to meet all of their Seattle friends and the shower was beautiful.

On the last day I was there, less snow meant we ventured downtown to go to Pikes Place Market. First, I hit up Beecher's cheese. Famous for their mac and cheese which Oprah listed as one of her favorite things one year. I bought some cheese and cheese curds to take home. I loved the place because they set out all kinds of cheese to sample. So I sampled!

Obligatory tourist picture with the fish mongers that throw the fish. The seafood was just ridiculous.
I sent this picture to Kenny because he loves crab legs. He couldn't believe the size or that I didn't buy any. $30 a pound is crazy, right?
Before leaving the market we stopped at one of the little restaurants in the market with a water view and had clam chowder. I have only had clam chowder out of a can (hangs head in shame) and this soup was so good. The sour dough bread was delicious too.

By Tuesday I was so ready to get home to see this little girl. She and her daddy had been getting in A LOT of quality time and I received so many pictures of her looking this happy. So thankful to Kenny for letting me have some girl time.

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