Friday, January 20, 2012


So there are a couple things that are staying on my mind from my Seattle trip. You don't know me at all if you are surprised that they are both food related.

The first, this ice cream shop called Molly Moon's. Yall! I am not a huge ice cream person but this place was out of this world good. What made them so awesome were their unique flavors ( all organic of course). Susan and Andrew took me the first night I was there for dessert. Where I got a scoop of balsamic strawberry. Sounds weird but that balsamic mixed with the strawberry ice cream is crazy good. Oh my god! My other favorite flavor was the maple bacon. I love salty sweet.

I was so crazy about this place I insisted in going every single day. I was eating this ice cream in the freezing snow and did not care. By the end of the weekend there were serious jokes about Susan and Andrew packing this stuff in dry ice and shipping it to me. Which I would just die if that could really happen!

The other yummy treat which I was able to pack some in my bag is Midnight Oasis Drinking Chocolate. It is from a swanky chocolate shop in Queen Anne called Chocolopolis. Since it was cold we were pumping this stuff through our veins the entire weekend. This is like no other hot chocolate I have ever had. It is made from really dark chocolate so it is not overly sweet and it tastes really chocolate-y and not just sweet. I brought a can home and decided to make some last night. But before I did I panicked that I would never get to have it again once I finished our tin so I made sure I could order some online before I made my first mug. Disaster diverted, you can actually order it directly from the chocolate shop.

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