Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So if you follow me on twitter you know that my mom and I spent a lot of last week watching Downton Abbey Season 1 and also Season 2. I kept seeing everyone talk about it on twitter and then it won a Golden Globe and I finally asked Helen of Monograms and Manicures fame what the deal was. She was so incredibly nice to offer to send me her Season 1 on DVD and I gladly accepted. Needless to say I am totally hooked.

I have to be honest, British accents and period pieces aren't always my thing. Not to mention that I also have a low tolerance for things that can be slow paced. But this show is crazy good. It has the perfect amount of romance, suspense, mystery and intrigue. I have fallen in love with so many of the characters and absolutely loathe some of them too. My mom even commented on how she couldn't believe how into it I am.

We are planning a future trip to go see my cousin, Pamela(see her blog here), who is living in England right now. I have no idea if it is close enough but if it is possible, I am dying to go see the Highclere Castle in person.

I am writing this post on Sunday night, when the new episode airs. I am sad because I am so used to watching it with my mom and being able to discuss every little thing and now I am watching it by myself and I am dying to discuss it with someone! Downton Abbey problems! Ha!

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Kappa Prep said...

I am SO glad you have joined the club! Highclere is on my list of places to visit when in the UK this summer. I will be sure to live it up like Lady Mary :)