Thursday, February 23, 2012


This Sunday night the Academy Awards will be on. Who is going to watch? I always enjoy watching. I especially like to start them a bit late so I can fast forward through all the acceptance speeches and commercials. That way I get to see all the good stuff.

This year I am excited to see who wins Best Picture because I have seen quite a few of the movies that are nominated. I checked The Artist off the list last night. Susan of J Press Designs fame and I went out for some wine and pizza and a good ol silent film. Now, if you know me at all you will not believe that I actually sat through a close to two hour SILENT film. I can't believe it either. It was really good. It is funny how you just get lost in the story with the help of music,facial expression and a few captions.

I think the Artist will win for Best Picture because it is so different but I enjoyed watching Moneyball and The Descendants more. And of course I loved The Help. I did not particularly like Hugo and joked that the The Artist went by much faster than Hugo did. And I have ZERO plans to see War Horse. I really do the ugly cry at war movies and when horses fall down and get hurt in movies. That movie has BOTH of things which means this girl will not be watching!

Alright, so putting it out there. I think that The Artist will be winning a lot of awards at this year's Oscars. I am crossing my fingers that cutie patootie George Clooney gets the Oscar for The Descendants though. He was fantastic and gah he is sooooooooo HOT!

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