Tuesday, February 21, 2012


About discipline. Let's face it. Elle is growing up. She is not a new born anymore and right as I type this she is throwing food off of her high chair to the dog. Our first and constant battle where we are trying to teach her what the words "No, don't do that" mean. And she knows what they mean. How do I know? Because we tell her "Elle. No. Do not throw food to the dog." She looks right at us quits doing it and then ever so slyly puts a piece of food at the edge of her tray and then PRETENDS to knock it off. She even feigns a look of oh my gosh did I do that?

It is hilarious. And we always want to laugh and sometimes we do. She is a smart girl but that sneakiness and open defiance is making me nervous. Look, I know she isn't going to go rob a bank because she chose to ignore me and throw food off of her high chair but the OCD person in me worries that this is just the start to a very long road and I have NO CLUE where to start with the discipline thing. And it is so important.

The other thing that makes me nervous. I was not a great child. My mom says she tried to discipline me but I was just difficult and tested my boundaries every chance I got even as a little girl. So I am afraid I am going to get what I am due. Ha!

So should I read a book? Do I just follow my gut? Is there a good mommy blog about discipline? I don't know??

I just want her to be a "sweet" little girl that people are excited to see instead of saying oh here comes Elting Lacey. Holy terror!

These are normal concerns in my opinion. Thanks for letting me vent!


Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

i am a big believer in babywise. and the second babywise book goes into discipline. also, check out the blog 'chronicles of a babywise mom'...she gives a lot of helpful advice on all different topics. hope this helps!

The Fields Family said...

Ugh, I know I hate this too. It's funny, but Brian and I have to start disciplining. Talk to your pediatrician and see what he/she says. Ours gave us some great advice on disciplining. A book several of my mom friends have recommended to me is "Screamfree Parenting". I plan on reading it soon.

Prier Family said...

Oh good luck! Parenting is so hard! Much harder than actually taking care and meeting needs of the child. We all want to do it right. A few good read I know of are "don't make me count to three", "shepherding a child's heart", and the authors of babywise wrote a series called "growing kids Gods way" those are all great sources. But lots of prayer and guidance from family. I do hear girls are easier when younger an harder when teens unless you get to heart issues when young. Ally is much different from gray so they are all different.