Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So I have been going to Zumba. Twice a week when I can. I love it. My friend Susan talked me into going and after my first class I was breathless and surprised. It can be hard and makes you feel silly at times. Especially for people like me who aren't the most coordinated when it comes to dance like movements.

The instructor at the class I go to is so fun. He is like 4'9 and is latin and flamboyant and boy can he move! I had to make myself not get so caught up in how much "flava" he puts into the moves and just focus on the basic steps because if I try to move the way he does I get totally lost. This guy kind of reminded me of our instructor but ours is way cuter. You just want to put our guy in your pocket and take him home.

So I am trying to do Zumba twice a week, then filling in with walks and Jillian Michael's DVD. The excercise and me trying really hard to stay in control of my points (I signed up for Weight Watchers online) worked this week. I lost 2.2lbs! I am pleased. So I will continue to boom! boom! boom de boom boom boom!

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Ashley H. said...

Zumba is SO much fun! I did it last year, 2x a week for a few months and lost about 5 pounds... which was perfect for my body. I stopped when I got pregnant b/c I was sick all the time. Now that I've had my baby, I need to get back in shape and am def going to do Zumba. Have fun!