Friday, February 17, 2012


I am pretty sure that I have mentioned on here that Elle's favorite thing right now is books. The girl is crazy about books. So in turn we are constantly buying her new ones. It's an acceptable vice for a one year old I suppose. She is constantly crawling down the hall to her room and will play contently forever just getting all of her books out of her basket. It is so cute. We keep all of her board books in the basket and the nice books that we read to her in the armoire.

Yesterday, Elle and I were in the kitchen and she crawled off and it was quiet. Never good. I walked into our office thinking I was going to find her playing with the wine bottles on our wine rack. But she wasn't in there. I kept looking. I found the door had been shut to her room. I opened the door to find her of course sitting there playing with her books. It cracked me up. She crawled to her room, shut the door and was playing. Guess we already have a teenager on our hands and she wanted some privacy.

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