Monday, April 16, 2012


After this week I realize I like to take pictures of three main things.  Food, Elle and Elle and her daddy. Funny enough, these are the things I always am interested in seeing when people tweet pictures.  

Kenny and I had a fantastic weekend.  We tried to spend lots of time together as a family because Kenny has a market coming up and we are going to miss him!

Friday night, thanks to my wonderful sister, Kenny and I went on a date.  We went to an Italian restaurant called Ciao Bella.  We have been going to this restaurant for years but I discovered a entree they have which is hands down my favorite meal in all of Memphis.  Gah! I could eat it every day.  Who cares if I am 300 lbs. After dinner we went to see American Reunion. (there weren't a whole lot of new movies out)  But it was funny enough and did a good job paying tribute to the original American Pie.
My favorite meal ever- Kobe Beef Brisket with Parmesan Gnocchi with 
shitake mushrooms and pine nuts.

Saturday morning, Elle and I went to our friend's little boys birthday party.  It was great place for a party and all the kids had the best time.  Elle particularly enjoyed the ball pit.

She found some books! Her favorite past time.

Saturday afternoon we went for a little family outing to run some errands and decided to stop for some frozen yogurt.  We like taking Elle for ice cream because she loves it and it is soft enough for to eat easily.
Daddy and his girl.
She liked my gelato spoon.

Sunday, it was so pretty outside we decided to go for a stroll at the zoo.  An amazing dinosaur exhibit is at the zoo right now so we decided to see what it was all about.  It was extremely neat.  Elle loved all the dinosaurs because they follow you as you walk, spit water at you and make noises.  She didn't want to get too close though.  We tried to get her to touch the one in the picture below and she got really scared.  Poor thing.
Keeping an eye on that dinosaur.  Love this picture.
We thought this one was a little violent.  The injured dinosaur was still "alive" 
and was breathing and moaning.  It was all so realistic.

After the zoo we stopped in at a little restaurant called Cafe Eclectic in midtown for some lunch.  We decided to all split the banana split and we all throroughly enjoyed it.  

What a fun weekend.  I am loving this weather so much.  It just calls to you to come outside and be out and about.  Already dreading the scorching heat of summer.

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