Monday, April 9, 2012


We had the best weekend.  Low key but lots of  enjoying the Easter holiday. We watched Masters coverage all day and then Friday night Kenny and I stayed in and I made foil pack chicken and we caught up on Tivo. A few years ago this would of sounded like the most boring day and night but it was heavenly.  

Saturday, Kenny went to the driving range in the morning and then that afternoon we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Elle preferred the Easter Bunny way more than Santa.  We even managed to get a semi decent picture.

Elle also took part in the under 2 Egg Hunt.  We really didn't have high hopes in her ability to hunt and gather eggs.  But Kenny gave her a big pep talk before the start of it and despite her not being able to walk she did really well.  She was throwing those eggs in her basket like a champ.  Kenny decided that he is going to start training her for next year's hunts.  Next year the eggs will have candy in them.
Getting focused.  You should of seen the amount of children and parents 
line up around the perimeters of this egg hunt! It was very Hunger Games-esque.
Getting those eggs!
Going through the loot! We got lots of stickers, some coupons for some 
Free Kid's Meals and a little slinky that has been the most popular prize.

On Sunday, we went to 8:30 church service and then to brunch.  After we arrived home we couldn't wait to let Elle see what the Easter Bunny brought her.   I think the Easter Bunny felt like a mix of necessities and fun things were the way to go this year.
Grainy cell phone picture of the girl's all ready to go.  We decided to all wear pink!
Elle's Easter Basket: Little English hanging bag, Princess sippy cups, bubbles for the summer, crayons, stuffed bunny, and Little People toy.
Kenny's Easter Basket: Apple TV, candy
Elle was super excited about the bubbles.  
The Easter Bunny brought me new tennis shoes! I love them!

Sunday afternoon it was all about the Masters.  Keeping with Masters traditions, I made homemade pimento and cheese, egg salad and we had tea and lemonade to make Arnold Palmers.  We were really rooting for Phil Mickelson but were pleased with a win for Bubba.

I capped off the weekend with a TWO hour nap on Sunday afternoon.  I probably could of slept until the next morning.  It is amazing how much better I felt afterwards though!

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