Monday, April 23, 2012


A whooooooole lot of nothing.  So much nothing that I am seriously about to go insane.  I can't remember if I mentioned last week that Kenny was out of town.  He gets home tonight after being gone for a full week.  During the week we managed to stay pretty busy.  I had a lot of projects that I was doing around the house and I also had people coming in to do work on our house so the week went by fast.

Then the weekend came.  And we were so bored.  Elle and I that is.  Bored! Bored! Bored! I was trying to avoid spending money since we are doing work on the house so shopping or going out to eat was a no go.  It was kind of cold and rainy a lot of the time.  At one point we went over to my sister's house so I could let Elle go through all of her drawers and crawl around her apartment for a change of scenery. She did have a lot of fun making a mess.  See picture below.

On Sunday, Elle and I took a stroll in her pink caddy to the park for some swinging action.  I made the mistake of letting her crawl around the playground for a little bit but I was worried she was going to hurt herself so I tried to put her back in her car.  HUGE FIT! Quite possibly the worst she has ever thrown and it was in front of a ton of people. I felt like a horrible mom and was sad that our trip to the park was ruined.  So naturally I cried the whole way home.  Completely normal ha! 

So now it is Monday and Kenny is driving home as I type this and gah I am so excited to see him and I know Elle wants to see someone/anybody else besides me.  I have had a horrible case of mommy guilt today.  Just anxious.  Worried that I am not doing a good enough job of entertaining Elle and keeping her stimulated.  Without sparking a working mom/stay at home mom debate sometimes I think she would like daycare so much more than staying home with me.   She would have more fun toys to play with and lots of kids to be around.  She will start PDO in the fall and it can't come soon enough because I know how much she is going to enjoy it.  I love her so much and I am so incredibly grateful to get to spend the time with her that I do.  I would never trade it in.  I am just having an off day and felt like writing a stream of consciousness blog post.   

I find any time I have a really off day like today we have a really amazing day the next day. So off to find some story times to attend and check the weather for a nice long walk tomorrow.  Thanks for letting me ramble.


Buddy & Bird said...

Completely normal. Don't guilt yourself. Mine get bored of me too. Gray LOVES school. An honestly having two they entertain and play with each other. And fight too.

Pinot after Playdates said...

so normal! i think thats one of the most challenging parts of staying at home, how quickly the tide can turn!