Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sorry this weekend recap is a day late. Elle, Kenny and I have all been on the road. Kenny had to work at an event this weekend so Elle and I headed to Hattiesburg to spend some time with my mom. (CC as Elle likes to call her and has learned how to say) Elle was so excited to find some new toys there. She was loving this dollhouse. I might of had a good time playing with it too.Friday night, I headed to Jackson to meet some friends for a fun get together weekend. We just took it easy Friday night and went to the Bulldog for some drinks and then went back to the hotel.

On Saturday, my friend Rachael was so gracious in hosting our annual crawfish party. This year we were to wear a old greek tshirt from college. The older the better or a good story was demanded. I decided to sport this one from 1998. I was so close to winning the prize for oldest tshirt but Rachael had one from 1992. Dern!
I was terrible about taking pictures. So I had to steal a lot of Megan's from Facebook and she brought Francis! He is three months old now and for a lot of people this was their first time to meet him. So since all of these are her pictures you can get your Francis fix too!
This picture was taken very late at night so I was looking a bit rough. But I was so happy to see Megan and of course Francis. He is so cute! I can't wait for football season because then we see them almost every weekend and this year it will be babies/toddlers galore!
Rachael and Francis!
We had big plans of going out after all the crawfish were boiled but ended up staying in and sitting around talking about it. So fun and relaxing.

While I was having fun visiting my friends, my mom was having a great time with Elle. She took her to our church Easter egg hunt and took my grandmother out to lunch. I came home to Hattiesburg to spend Sunday night with my mom and I think Elle and my mom were equally exhausted.
Sunday night my mom and I ordered sushi in and watched the American Country Music Awards. Monday it was time to hit the road for Memphis. Elle was asking for her daddy. We missed him. Now I am sitting here watching the Championship basketball game with Kenny. I am winning in my bracket competition! But now I have to root for Kansas because I picked them to beat Kentucky. Gah! I like to root for the SEC. Sorry, money wins out this time! Ha!

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