Friday, April 27, 2012


Sorry for my absence this week.  Elle and I have been loving Kenny being home. We are both just so much happier when we are getting to spend time with him.  We took lots of a long walks and Elle was so happy to have him back doing bath time/bedtime routine.

This weekend Kenny is taking Elle for a little daddy daughter weekend in Fairhope to spend some time with his dad before he has a surgery and my mom is coming up to help me do some more work on the house.  It will be a fun/productive weekend for all!  Here are some pictures from our week!
Getting ready for a breezy walk at Shelby Farms.
 I cannot get over how adorable Toms look on baby feet.  Obsessed.  Now I just wish they would stay on a little bit better.  We had to do a 20 minute back track looking for one on our walk when she threw it out and then a good Samaritan sat it on a something thinking we would see it.

We had a play date on Thursday with my friends and all their little boys where we played outside.  I need someone to have a little girl STAT!  Elle is definitely outnumbered.  She seemed fine with it though. She was loving the dirt.  Me-not so much.  She might have been the dirtiest out of all them when we left. It was straight into the bathtub when we got home.
 Look at those brown legs and red cheeks.
 Still wearing that bow though.  Can't give up all the priss.
 This was Elle's first ever Popsicle.  (Only a mother would care so much)  She loved it.  And yes that is dirt on her Popsicle.  A little dirt consumed never killed anyone.

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Alicia said...

Hey girl! I know in a previous post you mentioned you are always looking for fun stuff to do with Elle! I'm off work until July, so I was browsing and found this blog:
You probably already knew about it, but just wanted to make sure! :)