Tuesday, April 17, 2012


- Does it bother anyone else on Glee that all the Glee clubs that they compete against in Regionals/Nationals are more legit types of Glee clubs and then they get up there and there is only like 10 of them and then one person will sing the entire song.  They are nothing alike and we are supposed to believe that they would even be in the running to win.  I really like the show though. :)

- I kind of have baby fever.  Probably won't tomorrow and then it will be back on Thursday.

- Elle scared the bejesus out of me last night.  She likes to lay her head down on the floor when she is unhappy or throwing a fit and she decided to try that shenanigan last night in our bathtub during bath time and inhaled water.  I was trying to stop her from doing it as she did it. She totally freaked out!  Like gasping and gurgling, eyes bulging, coughing screaming.  I of course pulled her out soaking wet freaking out and subsequently became soaking wet too.  She was fine.  But seriously.  It scared me!

- I saw some of those Biggest Loser contestants chowing down on Subway sandwiches and now I want one so incredibly bad.  But Kenny isn't here and I can't go get one.  What is your go to sandwich there?  I have always liked the cold cut trio with pepperjack cheese.  It is like the most fattening sandwich they have.  At this point I would settle with a turkey with pepperjack cheese and lots of veggies. I just want one.

- Have yall seen Duck Dynasty?  I really like that show. Except for they touch/catch frogs waaaay to much for my liking.  I am T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D of frogs or toads.

- I really like that Goyte song.  Rest of their album, not so much.

- I get kind of excited for Tuesday nights because that is the night 16 and Pregnant comes on.

- And I tweeted this yesterday but I am just really annoyed.  What is so magic about Magic Erasers?  They don't really work unless you put A LOT of muscle into it and that makes me think that scrubbing with anything would work okay.

Alright, those are my meanderings.  Until next time!


Kelly said...

This post is hilarious! I think we have alot of the same opinions on stuff! I LOVE DUCK DYNASTY & 16 & PREGNANT!Magic Erasers never work for me either!

Kelly said...

Also, last night's 16 & pregnant really bothered me! You're having a child...get a job! It's not something to take light heartedly! Ugghhhh It made my blood boil!