Monday, August 13, 2012


What a jam packed weekend! It is so nice to throw a shower to honor one of your best friends and her little baby boy on the way AND get to visit with lots of friends who were town who we don't get to see on a regular basis!

Friday night, our friend Kristin arrived in town and met Tracy and I at my house.  Then we all headed downtown to eat dinner before picking up Megan and her 7 month old Frances at the train station.  We wanted to eat at Local Gastropub but there was a long wait so we ended up at the Majestic and sat on their patio.  It was still perfect because I love that restaurant and their patio.  We had just enough time to swing by the Cheesecake Corner (Tracy's request) to get some cheesecake to go and then it was over to the train station.  I was so interested to hear about Megan's train ride since she came all the way from the Mississippi Gulf coast.  I made her send me pictures of her sleeper car ha!
Elle, Daddy and Frances
Saturday morning Megan and I were up bright and early to get things ready for the shower.  That left Kenny in charge of Elle and Frances for a little while until my sister came over to help.  Annie was at our house during the shower and when we got home she and Kenny looked pretty worn out.  Kenny said he might be having second thoughts about having another one now.  Two is a lot more action ha!  Elle was very fond of Francs but was a bit jealous and didn't know what to think about sharing her daddy and her Nannee.

Then it was shower time! All of Tracy's closest friends came together to celebrate Baby Boy Shearin.  We all decided on a brunch because we are crazy about breakfast and the food was phenomenal.  She received so many great gifts and so many things that she needs for his arrival.  I was so happy for her.
Framed invitation and wish cards designed by J Press Designs in the foyer when you walked in.
Just some of the loot.

The food.  Oh I wish I could eat this spread every single day and of course not gain any weight.
The adorable cake!
Tracy and Lindsay
Mollie, Lindsay and me
Opening some gifts.
The hostesses with the mommy to be.
Wish cards all filled out for Baby Shearin to read one day.

It was such a wonderful day.  After the shower and cleaning up we all went over to Tracy's to hang out and then some girls went back to their cities.  Then a few of us got take out from an Italian restaurant and came back to my house so we could put the babies to bed and watched Bridesmaids before we all passed out on the couch.  Ha!  It was so relaxing and such good girl time!

Sunday, I woke up at 5:30 to take Megan and Frances back to the train.  I was sad to see them go but we will be seeing lots of them with football season.  We share a condo that we rent for games so Elle and Frances should be good friends. The rest of the day was spent lounging around and watching the last day of the Olympics.  So sad about that. Hey, only 18 months until the winter olympics.  

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