Friday, August 10, 2012


So remember that awful night we had on Saturday. Well we've had a few more nights of craziness.

We've been up a lot some of these nights and I've been through the broadest spectrum of emotions. Elle woke up crying and I went in to settle her which usually involves just tucking her back in with her paci and lovey and she was screaming bloody murder. So I picked her up. Well, it was over after that. Wouldn't let me put her back down. So I rocked her and cried. I cried mostly because I know I will miss these moments so much and I cried because it was 2:30 in the morning and I was tired! Long story short, Elle never wanted to be put down in her crib again that night so once I finally did...she screamed. A loooooooong time.

The next night I got into bed at 7:30 (Kenny was out of town) because I should mention that I have had a terrible summer cold all week and after no sleep I was ready for bed. I even turned OFF the Olympics. 11:00 o'clock I'm ripped from my sleep. Elle is screaming. I go in settle her and then I LET HER CRY IT OUT. For 30 solid minutes she screamed. And I lied in my bed and cried. But then she passed out.

The rest of the week we have been nursing our colds. All that teething I thought was the problem turned out to be a lovely summer cold that I now have too. I'm sure Kenny will have if just in time for market next week.

In addition to all the night time craziness I've had a ton of work to do for my job, we had Elle's Meet The Teacher day this week, I'm still GLUED to the Olympics, getting my house ready for my bestie and her 7 month old baby boy to stay,and I am throwing a baby shower this weekend. Busy, busy, busy!

This post probably sounds so mundane and monotonous but hey, such is the life. I know one day Elle and I will love reading about these days.

Anywho, here are some pictures from our week.
Elle wants to look out the window these days.  So I put this under there so she can see, which I am now having to reconsider since she has fallen off two or three times now.  Mom of the year!
From the ouside looking in.
One of her favorite things to do as of late.
Was going through my silver for the baby shower and foumd this.  An exact price listing of how much everything cost in 1947. $30.55 for a place setting.  What a bargain!
She came home from school covered in strawberry juice.  This always results in "bloomer play."
Funny story.  See that red streak on her arm.  Well she also had what appeared to be a huge swirly red rash all over her hind leg that looked really weird.  So I sent the picture to my nurse prac friend and my mom friend and they had me making an appointment to take her in to the doctor right away.  That is until I realized that the rash seemed to fade and turned the baby wipe pink.  Apparently she had a serious run in with those silly strawberries that day.  Luckily the "rash" wiped away and the stains came out of her clothes.

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