Friday, August 24, 2012


We  have been very busy this past week. It has been an amazing week with Elle and having Kenny home from market but just not a whole lot to report on the ole bloggy blog.  So I will share some pictures for memory and scrap booking purposes.
 Play date with our favorite friend Loftin.
 The weather is cooling off, as in it is an awesome 89 degrees.  So we are taking more cruises around the block in our caddy.
 We have also returned to the zoo now that the weather is a little more tolerable.  This was the first time Elle walked a lot of it.  Going to see the "aaa, aaas" otherwise known as any monkey.
 She loves the carousel at the zoo.
Birds and Bees Exhibit.  You hold a stick with bird seed and all the birds flock to you. 
Amazingly you don't get pooped on.
 Loving our little friend Alice's cat at a play date.(meow meow) More like terrorizing it.

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