Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I mentioned yesterday we had Elle's two year old birthday party on Sunday.  It was a little early but there is a whole lot going on at the Lacey household that I haven't mentioned on here just yet.  It all started with this cute little invite I had my Susan at JPress Designs do for me.  

Early on I found a fun table scape inspiration picture that I wanted to do so that was kind of the idea I was running with on how the invitations looked. No theme really.  More of a color scheme I guess.

We had the party at a place called Special Kids that had lots of fun things to do for Elle and her friends age. They had so much fun.

Elle had no idea the party was for her but she was so happy to see all of her friends and family in one place. Here are just a few of the pics we took.  I actually used my camera thinking our pics would be better but honestly most of them were pretty blurry. Granted, Elle never stopped moving.

Our little tablescape.  The lighting is terrible in this picture but it all looked really cute. 
Swinging with Daddy.
Some of Elle's besties playing at the train table.
Baby Mack came too! He probably won't remember much because he never woke up.
One of our best play date friends, Alice, and Elle playing in the ball pit.
Blowing out our unlit birthday cupcake, shoeless from jumping on the trampoline. Oh we are so two!!

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