Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Things have been pretty busy around the Lacey house.  I might have mentioned this a few times right? Ha! Outside of the holidays we have been super busy because WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!  If all goes well (fingers crossed) we close on January 4.  We love our little house so much but Kenny and I are thrilled to close this chapter of our lives and literally move on with a fresh start.

So, despite not having any more showings, thank goodness, we have been consumed with inspections, appraisals, surveyors and lots of other things.  Crazy me has decided not to start packing until after Christmas.  So things are bound to get even more hectic.  I am getting sweaty just sitting here typing this.

In the meantime here is a little of what we have been up to.
Elle and I had to have an impromptu lunch date after music class on day because 
the inspection of the house ran a lot longer than expected.  We had fun.
Story time on a day where Daddy managed to pop in.  Any time he comes she is 
so excited he is there and sits in his lap the entire time.

Elle's PDO program had a Christmas program last week and oh my gosh was it cute.  We had been getting notes home from the teachers that they had been rehearsing and practicing every day and those little babies did not disappoint.  I know I am biased but Elle did a great job.  She rang her bell extra hard and sang her heart out.  She also did not freak out when she noticed us sitting in the front row which I was super worried about.  What was most amusing was the absolute zoo that happened with the parents.  Flash photography and a little bit of a crowd pushing forward for everyone to see and get good pictures.  I left photography up to my sister and he iphone and for some reasons the pics are really grainy.  But I just have to include them for my blog book purposes!

Note: Yes that is Elle is blue! She was wearing all of her Christmas outfits to PDO the weeks before and then I got the one I had been saving for the Christmas program and it was waaaaay to big.  So cute little blue romper it was.  Oh well.  It was kind of nice because you can pick her out easily. 

And finally our family took a little road trip to Columbia, Missouri to visit some friends who live there now and do some other things.  The first night we were there we took Elle to see this amazing tree that is covering in thousands of lights.  It is called the Magic Tree.  Of course iPhone pictures don't it justice (as always) but it was so neat! Definitely a must see if you are ever in that little college town during Christmas.

Daddy daughter moment of wonder.


Claire Gillentine said...

congrats on selling your house!!

Ashley said...

yay for her program what a cute little outfit!!