Monday, December 10, 2012


Oh my lord was this weekend B-U-S-Y! My mom arrived in town Thursday night to go see Jersey Boys with my sister.  The rest of the weekend we stayed busy running errands and then Kenny's parents came into town on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Christmas with us and because we threw Elle a birthday party on Sunday. It was important for all of her people (that is what we say about our little family) to be there for her in one place to celebrate with her! More on the birthday party tomorrow.  Here is what we were up to before the big party day!

Saturday morning we took Elle to see Santa at Vineyard Vines.  We love this little event.  Santa is always so nice, they have donuts form our favorite donut shop, peppermint hot cocoa and of course Kenny loves it because he always walks out with some sort of new clothing.  

All the girls waiting in line so Elle could talk to Santa Claus.
We were hoping this meeting would go a little bit better.
Kenny and I decided maybe it would be better if we just stood and talked to Santa. That did seem to help a little.  I mean here she is giving Santa a fist bump.  So that is definitely some progress.
Then I decided to back away and see if we could get a cute picture.  
No such luck. She started crying. Oh well.
Enjoying a yummy whale donut for all that Santa trouble.

Saturday night, we celebrated Christmas with Kenny's parents.  They were so excited and happy to give Elle the gifts they had picked out for her. She was a lucky girl and they gave her a precious set of little play golf clubs, some blocks and a huge Elmo book set which she was crazy about because if you know us at all we are Elmo crazy right now in this house! Kenny and I are also very thankful for the fun gifts his parents gave us too. 

Sitting on a present while playing with a present. 
And please ignore all the things on my table.  All stuff for the birthday party.
Helping Daddy open one of his gifts.
Playing with her new toys.  Lucky little girl.

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