Monday, December 3, 2012


Our Thanksgiving holiday was a small low key affair and so relaxing.My mom and my sister came over to celebrate the holiday with us  I spent most of the Wednesday before cooking so that we could curl up as a family, eat breakfast, drink mimosas and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We had our eye out for Elmo and we saw him on the Sesame Street float but didn't see his balloon.

After the parade it was time for a Starbucks run and watching some movies and just hanging out.  We eat our big meal for dinner and we were so ready to eat when it finally was time. I really did not take too many pictures this year and have absolutely 0 of the food.  But rest assured we had all the normal fixins and they were delicious! 

Here are a few of the pictures I did take.

This is what Elle did on Wednesday while I cooked.  Plopped herself down on the floor for a little reading.  I enjoyed the company and we danced along to Christmas music.
My mom and my sister just returned from visiting our family in Atlanta and they sent over this cute Advent calendar for Elle and our family.  We love it! I am talking to Elle everyday about who everyone is and the story behind it.
My mom (CeCe) bought this Little People nativity scene for Elle to play with. She loves it 
and gets really excited to "play with Jesus."
Elle adores her CeCe and I am pretty sure her CeCe adores her.  They spent a little time bonding on Thanksgiving day.  They did a little reading, some coloring and Elle just loved trying on her glasses.

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