Friday, December 21, 2012


Last week we met up with Elle's bestie, Loftin and my good friend Lindsay for a play date at Enchanted Forest.  This was my first time to visit the Enchanted Forest during the holidays.  I always heard that it was a little boring.  But a friend of mine was just raving about how perfect it was for kids Elle's age.  She was exactly right.  The little mechanical toys are old timey and the perfect size for them.  

They also have lots of gorgeous themed trees decorated by local businesses and people.  Not to mention Elle loved their Santa.  The day we were there she got the cutest picture but she wasn't dressed in her Christmas garb and was holding Elmo. I still bought it though because she wasn't screaming. This week Kenny, Annie and I took Elle to see Santa again and we got another decent non screaming picture that I am pleased with.  I plan to post all of our Santa pictures in another post.

Snowman Christmas tree.  She loves her a snowman.
Like I said.  Loves.
She loved these little mice. The one on the right was asleep, "night night" and his book 
rose and fell like he was really breathing.  They were so cute!
Elle and Loftin looking into the little beavers igloo.  They were having "yummies."
They don't look so thrilled but they were having fun.
A hug on a bridge in a winter wonderland.

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Ashley said...

awe it looks sweet! Love all the snowmen!