Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well after putting it off for years, I finally bit the bullet and ordered all my blog books from the last five years.  Five years ago I started this little old blog as a way to document our married lives.  I am not an crafty person so this was my way of scrap booking in a way.  Back then I did not even know that putting your blog into an actual book was possible. I thought it was good enough to have the journal online.  

A couple of years ago I heard about Blog2Print and created an account and created several books.  One for each year.  As the years passed and I continued to blog I would go update my account and create another book for that current year.  Eventually I had five books in my cart for the last five years that I wrote about our lives.  Way to stick with something Mallory! Then I needed the money to actually have the books printed.  They aren't super expensive and if I had just purchased a book a year it would of been fine.  But I need five books and I just could never find the extra cash to devote to it.  It was a somewhat low priority. 

So you can imagine my excitement when my books finally appeared on my doorstep last week.  I was so excited.  It really is so much fun to have these books to look through and read about what was going on when Kenny and I were just newlyweds.  A clue: we went out to eat a lot.  Went to a lot of movies and basically relaxed. A LOT.  I like to day dream that these books will be very special to Elle and our children one day too.  Not only are they a glimpse back into our lives, they are windows into current events, things I was feeling, testaments to our struggles and I even wrote a lot of recipes in them. So hopefully she will enjoy them too!
Elle helping me unwrap them!

All five years on display.

Oh and a few things to mention:
-You can choose to lay out the books on your own or you can just let Blog2Print lay out the pages most efficiently to save space.  I choose to let them lay it out.  It saves money and I definitely did not have time to lay out every single page.  For the most part I am happy enough with how the pages look.
- The quality is good.  They feel like school annuals but the pages are nice and thick and even though pictures are low resolution when they are on the Internet the images are pretty clear when printed.
- If you are interested in doing this for yourself, Blog2Print almost always has a 15% promo code.  Their extremely rare 20% code showed up in my email one day and that is why I decided to finally buy them.  Got to pinch those pennies when you can!

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Kelly said...

I need to get better at blogging because I really want to do this. Elle will definitely treasure these some day!