Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Our next day of vacation was Memorial Day.  We started our day at the beach. Learning from our mistakes from the first day where Elle had the biggest melt down of her entire life, we found that we could really only spend a few hours at the beach a day.  The first day we got there around 9 and didn't leave until 1:30 despite Elle giving us lots of signs she was spent.  We found 3 hours a day of the beach was our max.  Don't worry, that was plenty of time for all of us to get sunburned.

After a few hours on the beach we would come back to the house and put Elle in the bathtub immediately to get the sand off and wash her hair which was always so greasy from all the sunscreen.  Then we would feed her lunch and put her down for a nap.  She took great naps the entire time we were there and then when she woke up she was already bathed and clean for the nap.  It was perfect.

Beach time!
She loved crawling up in our chairs.
Kenny relaxing on the beach. Please note the shade. We all got pretty burned the first day we 
were out of the beach.  Shade was necessary on this day.

Memorial Day night we headed up to Great Southern (told you we liked it ha) for Happy Hour and oysters.  They run a great specials for the early eaters like us.  We eat pretty early most days because of Elle but on this night we trying to catch the start of a theatre company's production of James And The Giant Peach in the Seaside Amphitheatre.
Annie and I at Great Southern.  Few things to note.  My peach bellini which I had 
several of over the week. They were so good.  And my sunburn! Ouch!
Elle sporting her glasses and saying cheese!
A rare picture of Elle and mommy!  

So after dinner we headed across the street for the play.  We were really not expecting Elle to care much about it but figured she would like the costumes and since she was outside and could run around and play we would be golden.  Not the case! She watched that ENTIRE play and loved it.  After the play we went down to meet the actors and give them a donation and Elle was so excited and asked me to take her picture with James. It was so funny.
Watching the play together.
Elle with the actor who played James.  She gets so excited about taking pictures and then this is what she does every time.  Clams up and puts her finger in her mouth. Every. Time.
Ice cream after the play.  We did ice cream every single night.  
Had to include this picture.  The night before we saw Brandt Snedeker (PGA golf player) at the restaurant we were at and then this night Kenny saw Jojo at Great Southern.  Jojo is the piano player/singer from one of Kenny's all time favorite bands.  He was so excited when Jojo sat with his family right next to us at the play. I bugged Kenny to get a pic with him but he didn't want to ask because he was with his family.  So this was the best we could do.  That is him in the blue hat.

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Kelly said...

The peach bellinis and grits are my favorites at Great Southern. All your pictures are making me want to be on the beach at 30-A right now!