Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yep another post about our beach vacation.  But we are midweek now and I am still sad we are not there.  So I am going to relive a couple more days here on the ol bloggy blog!

There was a little restaurant called Cowgirl Kitchen about 3 minutes from our beach house that we went to for breakfast a few mornings.  The food is phenomenal and they had a great porch that overlooked the ocean.  It was a favorite of Elle's because she could watch everyone riding by on their bikes and they had grilled peanut butter honey and bacon sand which.  And bacon and peanut butter are her faves!
Enjoying a big piece of bacon slathered in peanut butter.Messy but delicious.
Slathering up getting ready for another morning in the sun.

One of the mornings we took Elle to the pool instead and she really warmed up to the pool. We are happy about this because she isn't crazy about water overall.  But she got to where she was jumping off the edge into our arms.  And we eventually decided to just take off the swim vest off because she wasn't in the water without us anyway.  
Lounging by the pool.
Wearing her new little Seaside hat we got her.  She never wears any kind of hat.  But after she learned she had to wear a helmet when we rode the bikes she was pretty accepting of this hat because it kept the sun out of her face.  We were thrilled!
Playing sand castles with daddy. Mid high five.
Relaxing with daddy.
My view.
My favorite picture from the week.  Taken by my mom.

One night we heard the same theatre production that did the James and the Giant Peach were doing a different play in Rosemary Beach.  Since Elle enjoyed James so much we drove over for dinner that night and then the play.  The play was well, uh...interesting.  But once again Elle loooooved it and could tell us the whole story line even though we were all totally confused.  We loved the Rosemary Beach area and are considering doing a vacation there later this year to try it out and see if we like it.
Family picture waiting on the play to start in Rosemary.
Elle with....uh...I dunno after the play. Maybe she was some sort of princess. I have no idea what the play was about. Elle asked to have her picture taken again though.

After the play we walked down to the beach to look at the pretty house and the sunset.  

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