Monday, June 17, 2013


Kenny and I arrived home from a work trip on Friday (more on that in another post) in time to take Kenny and his dad out for an early Father's Day dinner.  Mrs. Ann and Mr. Ken came to keep Elle so we were so happy get to celebrate.

Saturday we hung around the house and played with Elle and said goodbye to Kenny's parents.  Then it was time to watch Phil Mickelson play in the U.S. Open and our Bulldogs take on the Oregon Beavers in the College World Series.  Phil did great and our baseball team won their first game.  So exciting. Saturday night we watched a movie and relaxed. We actually watched that Dwayne Johnson movie Snitch.  Kenny had seen it before and liked it and I have to be honest I really liked it.

Sunday morning Elle and I got up and let Kenny sleep late.  Or at least try to sleep late.  We can't sleep late anymore.  So while he was "sleeping," we worked on coloring and writing in cards. When he woke up we gave him some happies for an upcoming guys trip he has.
Helping Daddy open the gifts.
Opening a big one.

Kenny was happy with the new shoes and backpack we got him for his trip. Then we headed upstairs to get ready for Father's Day brunch.  Elle always comes upstairs with us while we get ready. She is rarely up there so she always finds things to keep her entertained ha!
Trying on Mommy's running shoes.

We went to Restaurant Tyler for brunch and it was amazing! I definitely did not count calories for this meal. Sometimes it is just better not to worry about it.
Chicken and waffle.  I am a sucker for savory sweet combos.

After brunch and a stop for coffee at 929 (our favorite local coffee shop) we headed home to take naps. No really we were so full we took naps.  Elle made Kenny lay down on the floor in her room while she played and I am pretty sure he was asleep some of the time.

Then it was time to park ourselves in front of the U.S. Open.  We were majorly hoping for a Phil win.  Unfortunately he took second for the sixth time.  But we still love him.  We convinced Elle to keep bringing her toys in the den so we could keep on an eye on the tv.  Parents of the year but she happily obliged.
 Reading some books in her rocking chair.
 Daddy daughter time watching the tournament.
Sporting her Daddy's hat on Father's Day.

It was a great weekend spent at home with our family.  I hope Kenny realized how much we appreciate him every day.  Not just on Father's Day.  We love you Kenny!

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