Friday, June 21, 2013


I am linking up on a Five for Friday posts.  I enjoy reading posts like this and sometimes it is easier to write just a little bit about a lot of things.  So here we go.  Five things from this week!

- Rocking some new kicks! I got some new running shoes the last time I went to Memphis and I love them.  I was getting really bad shin splints with my old pair and even sore to the touch ankles.  I just figured it was from not being a hard core runner. I went to a running store and had them watch me run and tried on all different brands and these were the ones I decided on.  Color choice wasn't even given to me until I decided on this particular style of shoe. But these shoes are great.  Super comfy, look cute with my workout clothes and I haven't had any issues with shin splints since I bought them.  I will definitely be buying another pair when I wear these out!

- Book reads! I read a few books at the beach and started this one at the very end of the week.  But the past few days I couldn't put this Nicholas Sparks book down.  I love his books.  They are a bit predictable but every once in a while I will read on of his that makes me bawl.  This one was just okay but I still enjoyed it.  At the beach I also read a new young adult novel called The 5th Wave.  It is the first book of the series and I loooooved it.  I also read Sparkly Green Earrings and that one had me laughing out loud.  Any mom must read it!  Now I am looking for my next read.  Any recommendations?

- Shelac manicure.  So I just got my first one this past week.  I normally just get normal manicures.  But I was so tired of them chipping and I am terrible about taking my polish off.  So I am kind of obsessed. I know shelac manicures are old news but I am loving it.  It still looks great and I don't see why you wouldn't get it again.  But I have heard it is really hard on your nails almost like tips. (old school!) I am really hoping that is not true. I did decide to do a really light color because I like lighter colors on my fingernails but I might decided to do something more fun for summer next time.  

- Video on Instragram- Mind blown.  I love Instagram so hard.  I love seeing pictures of people's meals, their kids, their concerts, their dogs, anything! Lately, with Elle and a new town and work and just life, Twitter is hard for me to check.  I will open it up on my phone and have 400 tweets I need to read and that is overwhelming. Facebook is just kind of lame lately.  I never could get into Vine.  I honestly told myself I wasn't allowed myself to have anything else that I had to "check" on my phone. But now with the video capability on Instagram I can have the best of all the worlds.  Yay!  I haven't posted a video yet and don't know if I will.  Videos seem more personal and I hate the way my voice sounds on camera.  Will you be taking advanatage of videos on Instagram?  Oh, and feel free to follow me on all social media.  Instragram - mallorylacey Twitter- Mal_C_Lacey

- Elle and I had such a great week.We were just busy enough and I tried to get her outside a little more than normal. It was kind of one of those weeks where the things that I pulled out of the hat to entertain her with worked.  It just makes my mama heart happy when she is happy and we are spending quality time together.

A total Pinterest win! Finger paint, plastic bags, tape, window.  So easy, mess free and she loved it!
Picnic at the park after our music class. Peanut Butter yum!
Took her for a much needed haircut.  Was so worried we were going to lose those curls but she has my hair.  Meaning it will always have some curl to it if you get the slightest bit warm.  She doesn't quite grasp the whole haircut concept. The last couple days when I am washing or brushing her hair she will cry "No mommy! My haircut!"  She thinks it can be rinsed or brushed out.  So funny.  I just tell her that washing or brushing her haircut makes it prettier. Which she believes and is still true, right?
Chalk drawings in our condo's parking lot.
Pulled out the water table yesterday.  She didn't really care all that much about it last summer but this day she loved it.  I got a good hour and half out of it.  That is epic!
Lena appreciated the kindess on this hot summer day!


Brett said...

coming over from the link-up! I'm so happy I stopped by, I LOVE Nicholas Sparks. You're right, sometimes his books are cliche, but I think that's why I like them. They're such "feel good" books you can get lost in. I haven't read this one--def going to purchase it on my iPad this weekend!

Your lil one is so adorable. Is that a chocolate lab? Our family dog growing up was a chocolate lab, and now we have a new one, they'll always have a special place in my heart !

lori said...

stopping by from the link up!! your little girl is sooo precious!! and i agree, i love a shelac manicure... though i rarely splurge to get one!