Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a low key weekend of Bulldog sports.  Friday night we had our friends over for pizza and to let their little girls play with Elle.  The girls had so much fun and it was nice catching up with our friends who we had not seen in a couple of weeks. Elle stayed up way past her bedtime and we payed for it a little on Saturday.
This is how I had to set her up one morning so that I could take a shower.  I have come to believe that children don't know how good they have it! We wait on them hand and foot.  So funny.
Enjoying our new neighborhood and the warmer weather by taking our baby for a stroll.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a nice slow morning.  I cooked a big breakfast and then Elle and I got out to look at some paint colors for a night stand my mom and I are painting for Elle's room.  We are using Annie chalk paint so I had to go familiarize myself with the colors.  After that I decided to do some shopping because I am in serious needs of knick knacks and things to decorate with.
I picked up this pretty horse at Sprout.

Saturday afternoon we headed to The Hump for one of our final basketball games of the season. The game wasn't so great but Elle still loves the games.
Walking with daddy into the game.
The second we sat down she asked for popcorn.  This child.  She loves loves loves her some popcorn.  Just like Daddy.  Look at her stuffing it in.
Still going for it.  It keeps her very occupied and happy so she can eat popcorn the entire game if she wants to.

I took Elle to the bathroom and we ran into Bully.  She loves Bully so much.  I was so mad when I realized I did not have my phone with me but luckily my friend Mary Brooke and her MIL were standing right there and were nice enough to take a picture for us. Elle was too shy to take a picture of just her and bully but she did want to take one with me.  But then she couldn't stop looking at him to smile for the picture.  
So enamored with Bully.
Around noon on Saturday, Elle started telling me she was tired.  We pushed on to the basketball game but the second we got int the car she was out.

Sunday we went for brunch at our favorite restaurant Restaurant Tyler.  It was so yummy.  Then we headed to the baseball game!
Enjoying her macaroni and cheese.  They have the best macaroni and cheese!

It was such a beautiful day for a baseball game and to be outside.  The team did not play well at all but we still had a great time!

Another day. Another box of popcorn!
This face. Ha!

This weekend has me totally ready for Spring and this morning I am hearing the words Polar Vortex again.  Noooooooooo!!!

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