Friday, June 27, 2014


I am getting sentimental in my old age.  I take so many pictures and then can't narrow them down for a blog post because I can't bear to not include all of them.  Anywho.....

The first part of the week I travelled to the Georgia mountains/foothills with three of my friends to a Young Life camp called Sharptop Cove.  My friend Christina and her husband Frank moved to Starkville to start Young Life in Starkville and Sarah, Courtney and I are all on the Young Life Committee.  Despite being on the committee we weren't all that familiar with Young Life and their camps and ministry so we went to see what it was all about.

This camp was so incredibly beautiful and oh my lordy nice.  We could of been at an amazing resort.  That is how nice it is.  I have heard all of Young Life's camps are that nice and I am thinking it is now my mission to visit all of them all over the country.  

Looking out from our perch at the Adult Lodge.
 The pool and the lake and some other things.  
 The sun setting. The beauty was so awesome.
 We had just arrived and were on our way for our first dinner at The Meal.
 Courtney and I.  I am 16 weeks pregnant.  This angle wasn't doing me any favors.

I have to say the energy at this camp and what the Young Life ministry is doing totally overtook me. "Club" which is their nightly worship was energetic fun and the kids were so happy to be there.  It was so refreshing to see kids that excited about Jesus and God.  This weeks speaker did a great job and had the best way of simplifying a message so that the kids and adults like me were totally sucked it.    The activities and entertainment were all so well thought out and just so much fun.  I am so incredibly sad we had to leave early and am already dying to go back.
Waiting to eat one of the meals.  I don't remember which one.

The tables were set beautifully and differently for ever meal.  Most had some sort of flare that gave you a clue as to what was on the menu. It was such a sign of the overall servant hood of the camp.
 The entire dining room before the campers came in.
Think this picture is out order from some of the others but I wanted to include it because it is cute.

One night they had a western themed nightly activity and it was so pretty and a lot of fun. This camp's attention to detail is so indescribable.
Hanging out enjoying the views before Club.

One afternoon we all went over to this brand new and awesome ropes course at the camp.  I was not able to do anything since I was pregnant but I am not the biggest fan of heights and Christina just did not want to.  But Sarah and Courtney did and they did so great at it! I was a proud cheerleader for them and took a ton of pictures!
Sarah and Courtney all harnessed up and ready to go.
They were almost finished in this picture and had already rocked most of the obstacles and were about to zipline off.

This is a group picture of all the adult guests that were staying in our lodge.  It was great to meet other adults involved with Young Life from all over the country.  The guy in the blue is Mike and he was from London!

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