Thursday, June 12, 2014


Alright just get ready.  I have a serious problem.  I cannot possibly choose just a few pictures and do one post on our beach vacation.  I just cherish the pictures too much and since I know I am not breaking any reader records I am going to do several posts on our wonderful vacation featuring lots of pictures of Elle looking all of three and a half and loving the beach in the most adorable swimsuits.  So here we go.

We always spend a night in Fairhope before we head to the beach to break up the trip and this time we were so lucky because Kenny's Aunt Sandy was coming to stay with the Lacey's and she got there in time for us all to have breakfast together. Elle and Sandy had not seen each other since she was a baby and I am so glad they got to spend a little time together.  Must plan more!
Aunt Sandy and Elle right before we headed out.

Upon arriving in Seagrove and unloading the car into the beach house Elle was just dying to get to see the beach.  So we took her for a quick hello.  
She was so incredibly excited!

Daddy and Elle going to put their toes in the water.

Elle quickly got soaked but had the best time.  We promised her that we would make a sand castle so we did!

Elle and Nannee cuddling and watching some toons on our first morning.

After a great first day at the beach we headed to Seaside for an early dinner at our favorite restaurant, Great Southern and then the theatre group was doing a very strange version of Cinderella in the Seaside Amphitheatre.  This is our third play with this theatre troupe and I can't say the adults always enjoy the plays but Elle goes crazy for them. She is still talking about meeting Cinderella.
A rare picture of the two of us.  And a small baby bump. 
Love this family pic.
Mom and Annie.
Elle meeting Cinderella from the play.
She was so excited to meet her because she really thought she was Cinderella and that pretty much made want to plan our Disney World trip yesterday.

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