Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This past weekend we traveled North to Tennessee to spend some much needed time with our friends, Tracy, Joe and sweet boy Mack.  Tracy and Joe just built a new house and we were dying to see it so we stopped in Jackson, TN to check out the new place.  It was absolutely beautiful and Elle and Mack were became fast friends while we waited on Joe to return home from work.
Elle and Mack playing on Joe's new "tractor." 

Once Joe came home from work we headed to Tennessee river to their river cabin.  A place where we have visited many many times with our friends but this was our first time to take Elle.  I finally felt she was old enough to spend the day on a boat.  I was so excited to have her with us.  

Saturday morning while the boys put the pontoon in the water we took a golf cart ride around the water.  We could not of asked for better weather.  It was almost cool and felt like fall.  
Love this golf cart selfie with a best friend our children!

Once the boys got everything situated it was time to hit the water.  Elle was so excited to get on the boat.  
Headed out for a day on the water.

Cheesing with Daddy and her new mermaid I bought her to play with.  She lost the tail and we were all devastated.  She was so sad.  I already ordered her a new one. 

We beached pretty quickly so the kids could get out and play and Elle just loved it! She liked being able to walk in the water and it did not intimidate her without the waves like the ocean.  She and Mack set to digging and Elle playing with her mermaid.
Playing on the beach.

Family pic on the beach.

The guys.  Drinking beers.
Trace and me.  You can kind of see the top of my baby bump in this pic.  I am large in charge already!
Sweet Mack on the boat.
Getting tickles from his Mommy.

Mid afternoon we set out for a cruise to try and get all the kids to nap.  We also had Brooks on the boat with us who was 9 months.  The littles went to sleep pretty quickly but Elle took some coercing.  Elle eventually passed out on me completely out in the open sun and with me in the most uncomfortable position ever.  The things we do for naps!
I had to completely cover her with towels which made both of us pretty hot.  
I was so worried about her getting a sunburn.

Thankfully the nap payed off and she was in a great mood when she woke up.  So we beached again to play a little more and enjoy a lazy late afternoon on the river.  It really was all so fun and relaxing.  It just makes your heart so happy when your kids are having a ball too.
Love this sweet picture of Elle and Aunt Tracy!

Digging in some river mud.

On the boat ride back in Elle wanted to drive the boat home with Mr. Joe. She was so excited and he really did let her steer it some.  She wasn't great at it but it made things interesting.

After a great day on the water we came back to the cabin for baths and dinner before all falling asleep extremely early.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed home.  To celebrate Father's Day Kenny requested to come home and relax and be able to watch the U.S. Open all day.  We did enjoy the day at home and I cooked Kenny one of his favorite meals.  It was a great Father's Day and a great weekend. 

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